Conservationists | Alamo Chapter of Safari Club Intl
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We Are Conservationists Who Hunt

SCI members firmly believe that hunting IS conservation. But beyond the fact that the American tradition of hunting is an ever more important part of successful wildlife management, we support many wildlife individual conservation projects each and every year. From the many Texas Chapters who have teamed up with the Texas Bighorn Society and Texas Parks and Wildlife locally, to projects in Alaska and Africa, SCI is at the forefront. Bighorn sheep, African lions, Asian sheep, Alaskan bison and Marco Polo sheep are just a few species that have benefitted from programs supported by SCI.


Stay tuned for the next SCI conservation success story!

Our Mission

The Alamo Chapter of the Safari Club International has been proudly serving the South Texas, National, and International hunting communities for twenty-three years.  Our mission is to create opportunities for conservation of our natural resources through sponsorship, education, and preservation of our hunting heritage.  We accomplish this by providing youth hunts, sponsoring wounded warrior hunts, and providing educational support for the next generation of conservationists with a passion for wildlife management and veterinarian studies through educational scholarships.

Sponsorship Opportunities for The SCI Alamo Chapter