Contributing to Our Community

Casino Night Prize Donated by Alamo Chapter SCI

Contributing to Our Community

Our Alamo Chapter proudly sponsored a skeet shoot and luncheon for 24 military veterans this month. Combat Marine Outdoors, a local non-profit group, was also the happy recipient of a very useful Alamo Chapter donation…a newly refurbished Maxima 4 wheel scooter! MSgt. Dustin Jones stated that the scooter would be put to good use, as they will now have a mode of transportation for the double and triple amputees to use while out in the field on
various hunting excursions.

Trophy Awards Event
Submit entries to Alamo Chapter now!

The Chapter is planning to host a trophy awards event very soon. Please submit your entries as soon as possible to:

Alamo Chapter of SCI
11230 West Ave, Suite #3103
San Antonio, TX 78213

Or email entries (must be submitted on SCI form) to:

Measuring forms can be obtained from the SCI website. Please click here to be directed to the appropriate SCI website page. SCI Measuring Forms

Alamo Chapter Member, Zeev Nederman, is graciously hosting a Trophy Room Cocktail Party on May 1, 2017.

Join Zeev for a wonderful evening with famed Balkan’s outfitter and international acclaimed wilderness videographer, Stiliyan Kadrev along with another special guest, legendary Austrian hunter, Johannes Stiedl. Learn about the nearly 70 different species that can be hunted throughout Europe. Please RSVP directly to Zeev at today!

Alamo Chapter Casino Night
Upcoming Event

Are you feeling lucky? Our Alamo Chapter Board is currently planning another fun fundraising event…Casino Night!