Humanitarian Efforts

The SCI Alamo Chapter is striving to make a difference through humanitarian efforts. We are also the largest and oldest Safari Club International chapter in Texas.


Non-profit Organizations Alamo SCI Chapter Supports


Operation Orphans:  is a non-profit organization that provides children with unique and wonderful outdoor experience by sponsoring hunting and fishing trips in the Texas Hill Country, since 1960.  In many cases, this is the first real outdoor experience these children have had the opportunity to do.

Since its’ conception, Operation Orphans volunteers have taken 18,084 children on hunting and fishing trips, with 17,329 animals harvested.  The harvested game is processed to provide food for needy families.  Over 765,000 pounds of meat has been donated by Operation Orphans. 



Texas Paralyzed Veterans of America (TPVA):  The purpose of Texas Chapter Paralyzed Veterans of America (Texas PVA) is to help our members and their families, veterans, and all people having disabilities with accessibility issues civil rights, VA benefits, transportation issues, and new laws to enhance the lives of people with disabilities.  Texas PVA also advocates for veterans’ and individuals suffering from spinal cord injury or disease to assist them in integrating into mainstream society and open avenues towards living life to its fullest.  We promote health and wellbeing through providing outdoor sports opportunities like hunting, fishing, sporting clays, air rifle and pistol competition.



Disabled Outdoorsmen USA:  The goal of this organization isn’t centered around one set of disabilities or age ranges, there isn’t really any organization out there that does what they do. Most are centered around war veterans, but not so for this organization, it is geared to help all disabled outdoorsmen.  As of 2016 in the United States alone, 12.8 percent of the population, or approximately 38.8 million people, have some type of disability, according to the United States Disability Compendium.  An average hunting trip through Disabled Outdoorsmen costs Jenkins anywhere from $1.5 K – $2.5 K to arrange. This includes plane tickets, fuel, ammo, food and merchandise that is given to the hunters. Since the first hunt in November of 2018, the organization took off in terms of supporters and fundraising.



Texas Game Wardens:  The goal is to protect wildlife and uphold the law.  As the largest state in the continental US with an abundance of natural resources, especially along the international border with Mexico, game wardens in Texas play an important law enforcement roles.



Texas Youth Hunting Program:     Our mission is to give Texas disadvantaged youth, aged 10-16, an opportunity to hunt, inspire kids to learn wildlife conservation, preservation, and hunter safety. 


Our Goal: We want to make it possible for any child in the great State of Texas to have the opportunity to hunt.  Through donations and fundraisers, our ultimate goal is to one day have a ranch where children and their families of any background or financial standing can come to learn about hunting, the outdoors, wildlife and grow as a family.

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Our Mission

The Alamo Chapter of the Safari Club International has been proudly serving the South Texas, National, and International hunting communities for twenty-three years.  Our mission is to create opportunities for conservation of our natural resources through sponsorship, education, and preservation of our hunting heritage.  We accomplish this by providing youth hunts, sponsoring wounded warrior hunts, and providing educational support for the next generation of conservationists with a passion for wildlife management and veterinarian studies through educational scholarships.

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